Mother’s Day is Sunday! Don’t Forget the Flowers!

According to the news, Americans will spend $2.66 Billion on flowers for Mother’s Day. Why not add a some special meaning to your gift this year? I’m all about symbolism and love when someone takes the time to reflect on the meaning behind the present. Feel free to clip the flower and it’s meaning to add to your card. In my house that would get you one heck of a hug attack and smooch! 

  • Roses: Love

Orchids: Sexuality

Iris: Courage & Faith

Daisies: Innocence

Tulips: Declaration of Love

Calla Lily: Beauty

Amaryllis: Splendid Beauty

Hydrangea: Heartfelt

Anthurium: Hospitality

Daffodils: Chilvary

Chrysanthemums: Fidelity

Carnations: Pride & Joy

Lilacs: Youthful Innocence

Birds of Paradise: Joyfulness

Tiger Lily: Wealth, Pride

Peony: Bashful

Anemone: Anticipation

Sunflowers: Pure Thoughts

Aster: Patience

Gladioulus: Strength of Character

Dahlia: Inner Strength

Love the Mothers in Your Life!


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